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Me(aka WolfGirl) was with her best friends victoria otori,julietta,crystal,miyuki,natsumi,maya and a claymore warrior
name helen.
they where going to kyoya,s place for a sleepover.
Helen:this is your cousin in law,s place wolfgirl?
julietta,s husband and her daughter LionGirl are there too.
Julietta: oh Im so exciting.^ ^
Miyuki:hey maya.
be cool for wolfgirl,s cousin.
Maya:fine miyuki.
Victoria Otori:I can,t wait to see your daughter julietta.
Julietta:awww thanks.
Helen:Is everybody else gonna be there to?
Me:my cousin already invited my old friends and both of us too helen.
Helen: oh okay.
Victoria Otori:hey helen.
what are your hobbys?
Helen:yeah why?
Victoria Otori:just asking.
Helen:well I like cats.
and I like to eat apples.
and get drunk.
Victoria Otori: okay.
Me: come on guys.
we are already here.^ ^
Both: Okay.
so I knocked on my cousin,s door.
Kyoya:Hi cousin.
glad you showed up with all of your friends.
Me:thanks couz.
Kyoya:Honey your back.^ ^
Julietta:Hi honey.
hows liongirl doing?
Kyoya:she,s doing fine.
then liongirl came to see her mommy.
LionGirl:mommy your back.^ ^
Victoria Otori:awwwwwwwwww.
she,s so cute.
Natsumi:she has her mothers eyes.
Me: cousin.
how old is liongirl?
Kyoya:she,s five years old.
Miyuki:how adorible.^ ^
then Johannes came to see the girls.
Johannes:Hey Wolfy.
glad you came.
Me:hi johannes.
then helen see johannes.
whats your name miss?
Helen:Im helen.
rank 22 in the orginization.
im a claymore.
Johannes:Im johannes.
I like cats.
my bey is beat lynx.
i have a sister name Motti.
then motti came to see us.
Motti:Hiya girls !<3
meow!^ ^
Me:hi motti.
Crystal:she looks so cute!^.^
Motti:aww thanks meow.^.^
we saw all our friens upstairs in julietta,s room
there was Gingka,Kenta,Madoka,Ying-YangWolf,Water Princess,Jin Ryu,Leon Fierce and Sho Tenma.
Leon Fierce:Hi girls!^.^
Me:whatz up guys!^.^
Sho Tenma:kyoya told us about you and your friends.
Victoria Otori:really?
Crystal:hey wheres dynamis?
Jin Ryu:in the shower.
Crystal:I miss him so much.
Jin Ryu: oh okay.
Kenta:hey wolfgirl.
Me:hi kenta.^.^
let me see your bey for a second.
I gave madoka my flash eagle to check on it.
Victoria Otori:wait.
can you check on my sea swan too.
Madoka:sure thing victoria.
so she checked out both of our beys for data.
looks like sea swan is going to evolve soon.
Victoria Otori:really?
thanks madoka.
Madoka:no problem.
Me:hos my flash eagle?
I think your flash eagle is going to evolve soon.
I thought flame eagle did evoled into flash eagle.
Madoka:there are three evolve form from it.
Me: oh yeah.
so Kyoya talked to leon about how julietta and him meet.
Kyoya:and then I saved her from those bad guys from hurting her.
Leon Fierce:wow!
what an awesome story.
Water Princess: Dynamis!
come on out and enjoy the fun!
Dynamis: Im comming out!
then dynamis came out of the shower with his towel on.
Crystal: Dynamis!
Dynamis: Crystal!
they hugged each other.
Dynamis:I miss you.
Crystal:I miss you to.
then dynamis pulled out a ring.
Dynamis:Will you marry me?
crystal was surprised.
I will marry you!
he puts the ring on her fingre.
and we all cried happly.
To Be Continued....

better try part 2 tonight.^ ^
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